Smoking increases colon polyp risk

(TeleManagement) A study of diet, lifestyle, and the incidence of pre-cancerous colon polyps finds smoking is a risk factor.
It’s already known that smoking is linked to many diseases and now colon polyps can be added to this list. Colon polyps, which are detected through colonoscopy screening, may precede colon cancer.

A team at Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center now reveals that smoking increases the risk of colon cancer. They asked a group undergoing colonoscopy about their smoking and dietary habits. Those who smoked were more likely to have polyps – with each year of smoking history increasing the risk by four per cent.

For smokers over 50, the risk of polyps was three times increased compared to that of non-smokers of the same age. However, the researchers learned that use of vitamin C supplements of more than one gram a day was linked to an absence of polyps – a finding deserving of further investigation.