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Many teachers have started using SMARTboards in classrooms as an aid in their professions. With a SMARTboard, you technically have a whiteboard and a projector in one. This is very useful in meetings and classrooms as it is a very convenient and interactive board. To date, the SMARTBoard, created by Smart Technologies, leads the market in the field of interactive whiteboard technology.

While there are many uses to a SMARTBoard, one of the common questions is how to play a movie on a SMARTBoard. Having this knowledge can be very useful in a meeting wherein you have to present a video during your report. This allows you to pause through certain parts of the movie and write notes on the board while discussing the essential parts.

Teachers can also use it to show their students an educational movie or video to help them understand the lessons. There are many pros to knowing how to play a video with a SMARTBoard. With that said, here is how to play a movie on a SMARTBoard.

How Do You Play a Movie on a SMARTBoard

1. Connect Cables

First, you have to  from your computer to the SMARTBoard. The cables vary from the different models of SMARTBoards, but the standard cable connections include an audio cable, a VGA cable, and maybe a USB cable and a serial cable. Some models of SMARTBoard already have built-in top-mounted projectors or rear projectors.

2. Turn on Your SMARTBoard

Once your SmartTech SMARTBoard is open, select your computer as the input unit. Again, the instructions for selecting your computer as the input unit would differ with the different models of SMARTBoards. I suggest referring to the manual that comes when bought your SMARTBoard for this. Follow the steps on the manual on how to select your computer as the input unit.

3. Audio Output Cables

Connect and turn on the audio output cables from the computer to the speakers. This will allow you to hear the audio from the video you want to play. Before proceeding, try playing an mp3 or any audio file to check if you have successfully connected your computer to the speakers.

4. Play any Video from Your Computer

The video will automatically play on the SSMARTBoard. You can play any video format as long as your computer can play it. You can also use your computer’s DVD room to play a video from a DVD. Once the video play on the computer, you should also see the video on the SMARTBoard.

Last Words

SMARTBoards have revolutionized interactive whiteboards technology. With SMARTboards, you have a whiteboard and a projector in one. You can write notes while in the middle of a discussion or a meeting. If you are watching a video clip, you can pause the video and mark essential notes on the board.

There are already more than two hundred fifty-thousand classrooms and seven million students worldwide learning with these SMARTboards. With SMARTBoards, you can interact with your audience more, whether it be a classroom full of students or a meeting full of professionals. SMARTboards are a convenient piece of technology that is very useful today.


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