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This movie is about a woman who visits her boyfriend’s parents for the first time. On her way back with her boyfriend, bad weather occurs. This is a movie that requires a hundred percent focus. In the beginning, the narrative of the movie is simple but as you go on, it gets more and more complex. It will leave you with a lot of unanswered questions.

It shows how a single event can make you see your entire life. It tries to portray everything we fear such as aging, connection, alienation, and almost everything. The girlfriend is just like every other middle-class white citizen, who tries to hold onto anything such as art, knowledge, or a person to give her meaning. This film definitely meets its aim of making us aware of the horrors that exist in our lives that we choose to ignore. It’s a horror film without a solution. As the girl said, “there is only deeds and suffering”. The movie is now available on Netflix.

Watching the film, you can identify with the protagonist’s experience since you are constantly trying to escape from life. This depressing film leaves you with sorrow and fear.

Ratings: 4 stars.

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