“Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” Trailer Showcases a Theme Park And Disney Documentary

Narrated by Josh Had, the voice of Olaf, this movie concentrates on the Disney Animal Kingdom. A lot of animals will be covered in this documentary with 8 episodes. Anyone who has gone for a tour or behind the scenes in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is aware that it’s a wonderful place.
The animals are kept healthy and the guests are entertained.  With every single feature such as rides, you will learn the importance of different species to the ecosystem. The Disney Animal Kingdom opened in 1998 and it centers around environmental and conservation themes.
On September 5th the magic of Disney’s the Animal …

The “Hubie Halloween” Trailer By Adam Sandler Features A Thrilling Netflix Movie

This new comedy, Hubie Halloween has been released by Netflix. Hubie is played by Sandler, a resident of Salem. On the streets, he makes sure all the residents are safe during Halloween.
However, he is on a high alert this year. An unknown new neighbor and an escaped criminal roam the streets. People are going missing mysteriously. It’s up to Hubie to make the police believe that there is a real danger.
Sandler is reunited with Julie Bowen, a Happy Gilmore co-star. The comedy will be released on 7th October. If you want to enjoy Halloween better, you should save the movie for October 31st….

A Couple Misses An Alien Invasion After They Go Off Into The Woods Turning Off Their Phones In “Save Yourselves”

This Sci-Fi comedy focuses on alien invasion after a couple travels to a secluded cabin for a week. While there, they turn their phones off. However, their peace is destroyed when little aliens start appearing around their cabin.
That’s when they realize that they have missed an alien invasion. They try to figure out a way back home.
The film’s trailer is now available online. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival of 2020. The main actors are Sunita Mani and John Reynolds. It will be available in theatres on October 2nd and on digital platforms on the 6th of October….

Hulu’s “Monsterland” Trailer Shows A Horrific Graveyard Anthology

From the writer, creator, and executive producer of Preacher and Neon Demon. This movie features fallen angels, mermaids, and other strange beasts. These characters drive people into insane acts. Monster land will certainly give you goosebumps and leave you wanting more. Everyone is trying to escape from the loneliness of this world. The first episode will be available on October 2nd. These monsters can appear in their original form or put on masks to appear as other people. They could be your parents, friends, lovers, or even ourselves. It has 8 chilling episodes in the first season on Hulu. This is an awesome movie to watch on…