Calcium Supplements Reduce Colorectal Polyps Risk

(TeleManagement) A study suggests that taking calcium supplements can help reduce the risk of recurrent colorectal polyps, the benign tumors that can lead to colon cancer.

Researchers at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, N.H., studied 930 patients who had one or more polyps removed from their large intestine. Patients took either two calcium tablets or two dummy pills per day. Patients then underwent a colon examination nine months and 36 months after treatment began.

Study results showed that among patients who underwent both colon examinations, the risk of developing at least one polyp between the two examinations was 17 percent lower in the calcium group than in the placebo group.

Researchers point out that one of the benefits of this treatment is that calcium supplements do not cause side effects. Researchers also speculate that calcium supplements may be just as effective in reducing the risk of polyps in people who have not been diagnosed with colorectal polyps.