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Choosing 10 movies from the thousands that come out each year is hard. However, the movies that qualify for this list are definitely worth it.

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) released its 2019 features that qualified for Canada’s top ten list. I have to admit, there’s no argument about it. Below is the list of the top ten 2019 movies from Canada.

1. And The Birds Rained Down

This movie is set in the countryside of Quebec. Facing the challenges brought on by nature, infirmity, and old age, 3 people struggle to survive.

2. Anne at 13,000ft

While working in a Toronto daycare, Anne, acted by Deragh Campbell faces social and professional challenges.

3. Antigone

Antigone is about a family of brothers, a sister, and a grandmother seeking refuge in Montreal after the murder of their parents. One of the brothers is mistakenly shot dead by the police during the arrest of a local drug dealer.

4. Black Conflux

Jackie, a 15-year-old girl is developing from an adolescent to an adult. Her path collides with Dennis, a social misfit.

5. The Body Remembers When The World Broke Open

Two indigenous women have a powerful and open conversation. This is after one of the women decides to comfort the other when they meet on the street.

6. Matthias And Maxine

The lives of these two best friends are turned upside down after a shared kiss in a student film. They begin to question their preferences and their relationship is threatened.

7. Murmur

Exploring addiction, alienation, and a powerful desire, Heather Young uses a high breed approach. She employs non-professionals to perform in one of her films.

8. One Day In The Life Of A Noah Piugattuck

The government messenger and community leaders ask the main character to send his children to school and relocate the family.

9. The 20th Century

This is the re-imagination of William Lion Mackenzie King, a former Canadian Prime Minister. It shows the humiliation he underwent.

10. White Lie

A woman who becomes famous on campus is behind a fundraising campaign for cancer patients. It all turns out to be a lie.


Don’t forget to watch some of these films. You will remember them for a long time.

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