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Toronto is proud of some of its landmarks. However, some key buildings are ignored in the city of Toronto. Their architectural style used in the 1970s has declined.

For instance, the Cinesphere was abandoned for a long time. Today, it is used as a cinema hall and also a historical landmark. This building which sits on the waterfront is seen mostly as an architectural design instead of a theatre.

Plans of destroying it were shot down. Buildings that were heavily designed were categorized as elements of kitsch.

Ontario Place still does not compare with this theatre design in Toronto. When Ontario Place was launched, not many people showed up.  On the other hand, since Cinesphere’s launch in 1971, there was a long queue. Imax is well known as a popular movie theatre which has its origins in Ontario, Canada.

To deal with the Covid-19 situation, Cinesphere has put up several policies. First, they must sanitize their hands. Second, a facemask is necessary inside the theatre. Third, only two people can sit on pods. All these policies make it a safer place to visit and watch movies.


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