With cash incentives poor buy healthier foods

An interesting thing came up through a recent program that was encouraged healthy eating. The report was published in Preventing Chronic Disease. This campaign poor people were offered extra spending power by the government in assistance to buy food. It turned out really amazing as with more money poor people bought healthy food at farmers’ markets. It is not very much clear that the thousands of San Diego-area volunteers actually became healthier because only they bought foods like produce, meat and bread. Buying healthy food is no consolation that they will be healthier. This research also suggests that the poor live in “food deserts” they are not provided with the best of foods.

Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, chair of the program on child, adolescent and family studies at Northwestern University’s Institute for Policy Research, explains, β€œIt is found the subsidy to be most valuable. When we subsidize healthy food, low-income families purchase and eat more healthy food. It’s really Economics 101. It makes sense to subsidize these goods where ever people shop, be that farmer’ markets, corner stores, Costco, you name it.”